National Textile Design Competition Success

I'm extremely delighted to announce that I have this week been presented with two major awards for my textile designs at the important Bradford Textile Society Design Awards. These awards have been showcasing the best of British textile design since 1923 when the original sponsors were the Wool Record and the Society itself. 

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My Isnic Roses fabric (left) won first prize in the British Wool Marketing Board Award. This design, a modern twist on traditional Ottoman arabesque patterning, combines graceful meandering curves with a highly textured surface.  It is suitable for both outerwear or soft furnishings and has luxurious feel. The ultra soft handle belies the fact that it was made predominantly with British wool, often considered somewhat coarse in comparison with merino for example. This yarn, from Dorset lamb was spun in Italy, is super-soft and fabulous to work with.

The Cloth of Kings award, is a medal, given once a year for an outstanding fabric constructed of a Noble Yarn (Silk, Wool, Cashmere). I was selected for this prestigious prize for my Mosaic design, a small, all-over, mosaic tile repeat pattern. This fabric was woven on a Bonus  jacquard loom in a combination of silk and wool. It was an honour to receive this award.

Both these prizewinning designs are currently being woven in small lengths and will be available to purchase shortly. Do please contact me for further information.