New work - British woven silks:

Woven in the UK these unusual 100% silk fabrics are available in a range of colours to order - please ask. Other co-ordinating designs, both large and small are available.

More new work - Highly textural British woven Merino wool:

Woven here in the UK on a jacquard loom, these soft, textural fabrics are hand finished to achieve their unique and luxurious handle. The Merino yarn is thick and springy but lightweight too, Ideal for apparel and soft furnishings alike.

Other recent work can be seen below. Please select an image to view fabrics and artwork from these collections.

LEIGHTON HOUSE COLLECTION   -    Please click on the image to explore 

LEIGHTON HOUSE COLLECTION  -  Please click on the image to explore 

London’s Leighton House, with its stunning Moorish architecture and ceramics, is the inspiration for this collection. The intricate mosaics and Isnic tiles, with their softly imperfect geometrics, lend themselves to my hand-worked approach to design. The colour palette, drawn from the heady splendour of the Arab Hall, is dominated by striking cobalts and aquamarine, punctuated with rusty-red marsala and accented with gold.

This striking and versatile collection of luxurious fabrics takes the Moorish tradition and reimagines this for contemporary interiors. Suitable for a wide range of soft furnishings, upholstery and home accessories, this collection also includes printed cottons and wallpaper.  

COOL HEAT     -     Please click on the image to see more

COOL HEAT   -  Please click on the image to see more

Cool Heat is a lively collection of woven textiles. It explores the baked earth and cool water of the Mediterranean in bold colours and fluid hand-worked graphics . The designs come directly from the land and heritage of Southern Italy - its buildings, ancient artefacts and ceramics.

Otranto and the Lucanian Dolomites are the inspiration for the colour palette. The hot earth yields deep aubergine-brown,  pale cream and soft jasmine. The vibrant aquamarine is taken from the sea and reflected sky and partnered with lime peel green and the green of pine tree fronds.

Bridging  the gap between geometric and organic patterning, this range  offers striking designs in both large scale and small repeats to meet the various needs of the customer and provide aesthetic cohesion.

ADESSO     -     Please click on the image to see more of this collection

ADESSO   -  Please click on the image to see more of this collection

This classic black and white collection, Adesso,  is an exploration of unusual weave structures as viewed through the prism of architectural spaces. It draws inspiration from the restructuring of the metropolitan landscape, focussing on light and shade and contrasts of strength and fragility. The design process has been informed by the aesthetics of buildings under renovation, particularly the post-earthquake restoration of the small town of L'Aquila where the strange beauty of scaffolding and structural support is both haunting and life affirming. 

The range comprises a number of heritage-feel fabrics that are durable and suited to outerwear or furnishings, as well as some attention-seeking work suited to less heavy-use.  These statement pieces showcase innovative interlacing of luxurious yarns, which give the collection movement and warmth. The name ‘Adesso’, Italian for ‘now,’ was chosen to suggest something a little different but of the moment