More Awards

I am delighted to have won a number of awards at this year’s Bradford Textile Society Design Competition.

British Wool Winning Fabric

British Wool Winning Fabric

1st Prize - The British Wool Marketing Board Award -  for my tightly woven durable fabric intended for use in schools, corporate environments or transport where a fabric needs to work well under pressure.

1st Prize - The Clothworkers' Foundation Award - awarded by The Clothworkers' Foundation, the awarding body of the ancient Clothworkers' Company, (one of the Great Twelve livery companies in the UK). This award is given to the best woven fabrics.  

The Cloth of Kings Award - an engraved medal, this award is selected from all the entries to the national Bradford Textile Society Design Competition using 'noble' yarns such as cashmere, wool and silk.

The Woolmark Company Award - Commendation - for my jacquard-woven Merino fabric. This award is given to textiles with not less than 60% Merino yarn.

The Association of Fashion and Textile Courses Award - Commendation - this was for one of my fabrics with a small repeat. It was jacquard-woven in silk and my entry included illustrations of how this fabric might be used within a collection.

I feel most fortunate to have my work selected for awards again this year. More to follow after the presentation ceremony and exhibition.

Beautiful Summer Sheers exhibited at Salts Mill, Saltaire

My lovely Madras Lace woven by MYB Textiles has been on display as part of the Bradford Textiles Society Annual Awards Ceremony and Symposium.

The sheers pictured below were exhibited in the David Hockney Gallery alongside his '25 Trees And Other Pictures'  exhibition. 

A contemporary twist on a traditional fabric. 

The prizes were also awarded in the gallery and there was an excellent presentation by Tony Glenville, the Creative Director of London College of Fashion entitled “Technology is not the only tool” . The closing remarks were by Richard Poole, president of the Bradford Textiles Society.

Translucent cotton mesh sings of Summer.

How exciting to be showing my work in the gallery space next to David Hockney.

Beautiful cut thread work - similar to fil coupe 

The long established Bradford Textile Society Competitions are open to textile designers and textile students and is supported by the generosity of The Clothworkers Foundation, The Dyers' Company, Prestigious Textiles Ltd, The Woolmark Company, the British Wool Marketing Board amongst others. 

Bradford Textiles Design Competition Success

CLOTHWORKERS' FOUNDATION AWARD  'A Woven Fabric for Mens or Womenswear'

I am delighted to have won a commendation for one of my fabrics in this prestigious competition. The Society's annual competition attracts almost 1,000 entries from students throughout the UK. 

The commendation was awarded for my Meandering Checks fabric (right) which is 97% wool, 3% polyamide and was woven on a Bonus jacquard loom. This fabric marks the beginning of my 'Black & White' range and was a development from previous work on the handloom.

The sample below shows my original trial piece, which was woven on an 8 shaft Harris table loom using British wools.

Handwoven Floats Small.jpg